Barbiere opening

So, tonight was the opening of Barbiere here at Opera Pacific. It's 12:48 and I just got home. I think it went well - I mean, I guess I can't really be sure, but I know that nothing happened that made me too upset, so I guess that means it was a success. It's funny - my high notes, which is what I'd been worrying about - were fine I think, but I had a few issues with the extreme low notes from the opening night nerves. But all in all, I guess it went well. It's so hard to tell!! And I didn't have anyone in the audience to tell me how I did, so I guess I just have to rely on my own judgement. But yeah. It was good. I think. Or at least it wasn't bad. The audience gave us a standing ovation, so I think that at least the production was successful. Yay us!