equal rights

Something has got me all riled up this morning. I got a few emails from friends yesterday regarding the upcoming vote in California on proposition 8, which will remove from the state constitution the right for gay people to get married. Now, I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but WHAT THE HELL? I cannot, in the deepest recesses of my brain, comprehend why this beautiful thing allowing two people to declare their love, and which affects NOBODY except those two people, would be denied anyone. And why religious and conservative groups are fundraising and putting ads on television to try to get people to vote to overturn this right! I think about my gay best friend who has a boyfriend from another country, and how if they were straight they could get married and the boyfriend would never have to worry about his visa or his green card again. How would this negatively impact anyone? I also have two friends who just tied the knot in California this past weekend. I can't stand the thought that intolerance might yank this away from them. If you can't vote in California, you can donate money to the following two organizations if you are so inclined:

no on prop 8
equal rights california

There are many political issues which can be two sided, and which can be argued from a plethora of opinions. This is not one of them. This hurts no one and gives so many a basic human freedom. Why on earth would anyone think otherwise?