Day uno

I'm here. First of all, for all of you that were sitting at your computers breathless since my last entry, my bags were NOT overweight! I mean, since I flew Air France they weighed them in kilos so there seemed to be more leeway, and I think the woman behind the counter was letting me get away with something, but yipee, no surcharges there! 

After waiting in the security line which was only for passengers going to Puerto Rico for a good 20 minutes, I was finally ushered into the correct line and hurried through security to wait in the terminal for 2 hours. But having a late night flight was well worth it because I actually slept some on the plane, and when I wasn't sleeping I was busy putting on my "understanding foreign languages hat", and seeing if I could get the flight attendants to talk to me in french. It worked about half the time, and frankly, it probably confused me more than anything since I know much more french than italian, and should not be trying to conjugate verbs in french when I don't even know the infinitive of most of the italian verbs. 

But it was fun to be in Paris if only for an hour. Ah, I'll always have April in Paris (especially if you don't count that horrible trip 2 Aprils ago to visit a french boyfriend which lead to tears and crisis and lots of long distance phone calls to my mom). And the weirdest coincidence  - I actually saw an Italian coach I had worked with in New York two weeks ago as he was boarding his flight back home to Bologna from Charles de Gaulle. What a coincidence that two weeks ago we were working together not two blocks from my apartment, and that we ended up having a layover in the same airport at the same time. It's a small word after all. 

So, here I am in Torino, Italy. I haven't seen enough of it yet to give my impressions, but what I have seen so far has been very pleasing. Oh, and it took about 4 hours of my being in Italy for me to give up being a vegetarian, as I have been trying to be since the beginning of this year. Did I really think I was going to come to Italy and not eat prosciutto? Who was I kidding? 

Wow - I think that sublingual melatonin is actually making me want to go to sleep at a somewhat normal hour. Or maybe it was the half bottle of wine I shared with my friend. Either way, buona notte - ci vediamo domani!!