whistle a happy tune

I was the only member of the second cast who attended today's rehearsals. I'm certain the other members of my cast were staging a silent protest against the fact that one of the rehearsals today was supposed to belong to us and was unceremoniously snatched away yesterday for no apparent reason. And I wanted to protest too, but even though the situation burns me, I really love the music in this opera so much, I actually want to listen to it every day that I'm not singing it. I never get tired of it, and I love it more every time I hear it. I cannot believe Mozart died at 35 years old and that he wrote this opera in something like 18 days. It really is a miracle.

Speaking of miracles, I'm going to need one on tuesday morning. We found out today that we get a costume rehearsal with orchestra tuesday morning, but it begins at 10:30 AM, which means my make-up call is 9AM. The afternoon rehearsal which was up for grabs is going to (big shocker) the first cast so they can have yet another run-through.

It's time for me to get over it. People have much rougher lives than to spend a couple of months in Italy with their biggest complaint being limited rehearsal time. If Mozart wrote the thing in 18 days, I can certainly find it in me to perform it with 5 rehearsals.