For Will

Tonight's post will be short and sweet since first of all I don't have a ton to report and second of all a certain someone (William H Ferguson) has complained numerous times about the excessive (he feels) length of my blog entries. Here are the things I am happy about today:

1. I got to rehearse on the actual stage today with the actual director and he seemed pleased with what I did
2. I walked up to an italian restaurant with an italian person with me, and instead of allowing him to make the reservation for dinner, I did it myself
3. The hotel doorman complimented me on how well I'm coming along in my italian skills
4. I had dinner with 6 Italian people and wasn't even afraid to talk with all of them listening to me

This is the view from my balcony of my tiny but bustling street. I still didn't do laundry today. It's turning into a desperate situation. And for my friends the Bullocks, who posted the comment that I should send my laundry to them because it would get done quicker - the only thing open less often than the banks and shops is the post office. I think you might even need permission from the Pope to go there. A domani.