dessert compartment

I had another amazing dinner tonight at this little Trattoria - it looked like a hole in the wall - somebody's living room that had been made into a restaurant with only a few tables, but everything tasted so amazing. It's so strange - it's almost like the food I've eaten up to this point in my life hasn't even really been food, but merely some kind of practice substance to stretch my stomach out so I would have room for this - the real food. At the end, I was totally full, but when the waitress said chocolate profiteroles were the dessert special, I had to open up the dessert compartment (the special compartment I used to mention when I was a kid and wouldn't eat all my dinner but would always have room for dessert because I believed I had a special compartment that would only hold sweet things). The profiteroles were outrageous - the creme inside was somehow both fresh and light but still rich, the pastry was flaky and just the perfect weight, and the chocolate on the outside was out of control. It wasn't just melted dark chocolate like you would get in the U.S - it was this mousse-ish concoction that had obviously been made with the most wonderful high quality chocolate and creme. It was mind blowing and I'm still full. I think my dessert compartment has expanded, and that's what's making all my pants too tight. I'm really worried now that my costume isn't going to fit. I wonder if that happens to costumers a lot with foreigners coming to Italy - maybe they have contingency plans. I hope so, because I'm going to need an elastic waist band in my pants.