little break

Hi everybody and thank you for following my adventures thus far. I now have to beg your indulgence while I take a one week break from my "I never" section which I plan to make up during the first week of August (I don't want to shirk on my full 30 days of responsibility to goof off). But for the next couple of days I've got to head up to my parents house for some extremely uninteresting maintenance (dentist appointment and driver's license renewal - I can't bear the DMV lines in manhattan) and then for the weekend I was able to find a cheap plane ticket to go visit my bestie Georgia in her new home; New Orleans. I'll definitely write a blog entry about my trip to Nawlins since I've never been there and it sort of fits into my July theme of new things, but I'm not counting it towards my one month challenge because it's not in NYC, and I can be a stickler for rules, even ones I made up myself. Not only do I get to see the French Quarter, but I also get to participate in wedding dress shopping as part of my maid of honor duties for Georgia's wedding. I've never wedding dress shopped before, so that will be another I never to add to my list of new July experiences. I promise not to write a blog entry about standing in line at the DMV in Poughkeepsie, and I'll try not to drunk-blog from New Orleans, but from what I hear about that place, I can't promise about that one.