I've never been to Woodstock

And now I have, and I don't need to go back. I mean, it's a sweet cute little town, but you can pretty much cover the whole thing in about an hour and a half. It didn't exactly feel like I was starting my 30 day adventure with a bang, but I did have an absolutely delicious spinach, mushroom and three cheese strudel at a restaurant called Joshua's, so it wasn't a total wash. Actually, it kind of became a wash - or I should say, we got washed - when a crack of thunder nearly made my mom jump out of her sandals and then it started pouring rain on our un-umbrellaed heads. And since we didn't need any tie-dyed tee-shirts, we pretty much surmised that the trip to Woodstock was over.

The other "I've never" thing I finished up today was building an armoire for my apartment. About a year ago I found this cool old barn door at an antiques store, and I've spent the last year trying to think of how to use it creatively as a piece of furniture. My first thought was to fashion a headboard, and then I thought maybe a dining room table, but I eventually decided I needed more storage, so my dad agreed we could build an armoire and use the barn door as a....door. I thought I was going to be doing some major sawing and drilling in the construction, but my dad is such a fantastic and speedy builder (how he learned this I don't know, because he is a school teacher by trade), that I was basically a tool hander. I did have the creative job of painting the thing to make it look old enough to match the old door, and frankly, I think the sucker turned out pretty awesome.

I realize none of these experiences were earth shattering or worthy of any guide-books or how-to guides, so hopefully tomorrow's adventure will turn out to life changing. No pressure or anything.