I've never been to Kew Gardens

A good friend of mine recently moved to Kew Gardens, Queens, so today I went out to see his new apartment and the very suburban neighborhood in Queens he now lives in. I took the Long Island Railroad out there because the stop is only a few blocks from his place, and it was so fast and easy to get there. There are parts of the neighborhood that definitely look like what you imagine Queens looking like - industrial parts and lots of ethnic restaurants. But there were also parts that looked so suburban, it could have been a neighborhood in Ohio. I couldn't believe it was only a couple of subway stops away from Manhattan. Queens is actually a really nice borough because there is tons of green - there's a huge park called Forest Park just a few blocks from my friend's apartment - but also just among the apartments and houses there are trees, lawns, and little parks. I also love the around the world restaurant tour you can take, with Italian, Indian, and Asian food abounding. And not the swanky Manhattan type restaurants, but immigrant run restaurants serving the real food you would get in those countries instead of some americanized or fancified version. I can totally see the appeal of living in Queens, and I also really enjoyed my afternoon because I got to spend some quality time not only with my friend, but with his two adorable dogs, Mojo and Ella. It was a little bizarre walking Ella because my dog is also named Ella, although it felt totally normal when she barked and I said "No Ella!" because that's a phrase I utter constantly to my dog. Ella was too busy running all around for me to get a good shot of her, but Mojo did everything but say "cheese" for this photo.