I had every intention of doing something new today. I actually planned to go to the Wave Hill Gardens - a big park/art museum out in the Bronx, and in fact I took the 1 train to the last stop - 242nd street - in order to get there. But unfortunately I got very behind schedule this morning when dealing with some career stuff, and I got there 10 minutes later than the last shuttle left to get to the gardens. The gardens aren't really walking distance from the subway stop, but they have a free shuttle that takes you there at 10 minutes past every hour until 3:10. Unfortunately, by the time the subway pulled into the 242nd street station, It was about 3:20.

It's not my fault! This morning I got a call from my agents about the timing of some future job offers. As it stands right now, I have a large hole in my schedule - hole is an understatement - it's more like the crater that would be created if a meteor hit the earth - followed by a period of 4 months in which I have 5 offers. Unfortunately, because of the timing of said offers, it's looking like I can only accept 2 of them, and all 5 of them are things I REALLY want to do for varying reasons. Plus I have agents here in the U.S and agents in France and I'm trying to coordinate the offers from different continents with different people receiving differing commissions - suffice it to say I was starting to feel slightly hysterical when I was informed that yet another offer conflicted with already accepted jobs. WHY? I say why???? does everything have to happen at once?? Can't one of these jobs please land in the meteor sized hole in my calendar?

I did try a new japanese restaurant with my best friend who is only in town for a day and a half, so I guess I didn't completely break my own rules of trying something new every day. And tomorrow I have a really good new thing to try, so stay tuned...