make it work

So, I've been having some problems with the internet since I arrived. For some reason, the wireless signal is too weak when I sit at the desk in this apartment, but when I go just a few steps out into the hallway, it's at full force. Since I can't very well sit out in the hallway and call my parents on skype, I've compromised by moving a large armchair right by the door to the hallway and getting a medium signal from there. I've never experienced anything quite like this, with the signal strength changing drastically with only a few feet difference, but good luck trying to explain this to anybody at the Residencias Tequendama, and even better luck trying to get them to fix it. Plus, the internet works perfectly fine in Georgia's room everywhere, so it's apparently a problem that only afflicts room 2410. It was a lot of work to get this big chair over by the door, and I didn't want the maid ( who comes in and cleans my room every day despite my do not disturb sign) to move the chair back, so I left her this sign on the chair. The spanish may be funky, but when I came back tonight she hadn't moved it back!

She may however have been dismayed by the fact that I put the big bunch of wildflowers from yesterday in the trash can and filled it with water.