Opening tonight

So, tonight is the premiere of Boheme here in Bogota. The final dress rehearsal went quite well, but still with some room for improvement for the opening tonight. Unfortunately for me, I woke up feeling a little bit under the weather this morning. Just a tiny sore throat and a slightly groggy and sick body. But, I have done performances when I was MUCH sicker than I am now, so I can't say I'm terribly worried. Adrenaline does amazing things to shove your body through whatever it has to. And I sort of only have myself to blame because I haven't really been eating enough good food or getting enough sleep, and I haven't been taking my daily dose of emergen-c that usually keeps me healthy. But, as usual, the show will go on. Sometimes I actually sing better when I'm a little sick because my body has to really concentrate on making everything work and I can't go on automatic pilot.

Here are some photos of Georgia and I getting made up before the dress rehearsal. The make-up and hair process is slightly different than what we're used to, and while the end result looks great, the middle look was cracking us up. The eyelashes they put on Georgia were so gigantic that they looked like sleeping caterpillars up close (mine kept falling off, so we ended up just taking them off and using my real lashes). Also her hair looks pretty scary in this interim state, but I swear it looked very sweet and Mimi-ish when they finished.

We also thought it was fun that we were having our make-up and hair done side by side like this, and our Colombian make-up artists thought it was funny that we kept taking pictures of ourselves in the mirror. I also love that the make-up artists have their combs sticking out of their heads at the exact same angle in this shot.

We'll do our best tonight and let you know know it goes!