You REALLY never know

Okay, this is getting ridiculous (and by ridiculous I mean fabulous). I had always imagined that I should probably name my first born son Doctorslavit, honoring my incredibly dedicated and wonderful ENT who has seen me through years of being a singer with a deviated septum who likes to pick up sinus infections in foreign countries along with souvenirs. But now I might have to change my plan and name that (as of yet unconceived) offspring Markswed after my new FAVORITE journalist MARK SWED who has now given me not only a fantastic review in the L.A. Times, but has written a follow up post about me and my blog! You can't buy this kind of publicity, people!

Honestly, this comes at such a wonderful time. I'm leaving on Saturday to go to Berlin to make my debut at the Berlin Staatsoper as Rosina. And I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little nervous. So having somebody important write something positive about me gives me a little boost of confidence that I can take with me on that transcontinental flight, and if I start to feel scared I can pull it out of my pocket (I'm talking figuratively here - I'm not going to print it out and carry it around in my purse. Well, okay, I might.) and remind myself that there is somebody in the world that thinks I deserve to be there. And that just might be enough to keep me from peeing in my proverbial (or literal) pants.