What's normal?

Normally, in my life as I've known it so far, this week would have been tech week. Tonight probably would have been my final dress rehearsal since Friday is my first performance. But this hasn't been like other gigs I've had, so instead of getting all stressed during tech week and worrying about the whole lead up to the performance, this is what I've been doing instead.

Here I am at a Beer Garden next to the zoo in Tiergarten, the big central park of Berlin. I'm drinking this weird half beer, half lemonade concoction.

This is me having fun inside one of the art installations at the Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin's contemporary art museum housed in a former train station.

Oh, I've been practicing on my own, singing through the role every so often to keep it in my voice, and going through the staging (in my head) as I walk down the street, and (for reals) in my living room. But I know myself, and the more I can psychologically convince myself that this isn't some big premiere, or debut, but just, let's say, the third or fourth performance in a run of Barber of Seville's, the better off I'll be. So I'm trying to live my life, keep myself normalized, not psych myself out, and keep myself both mentally and physicaly healthy and happy. So far it's working, and after a day of museum hopping and beer guzzling (okay, not really - I only drank half of that lemony thing), I'm ready to get into my bed and sleep in until tomorrow morning. And I should be able to sleep in, because the other project I embarked upon this week was covering the floor to ceiling windows in my bedroom with aluminum foil to keep out the light. I made a joke on facebook that I would either get plenty of sleep or be roasted like a turkey. So far no cranberries have been served alongside my legs, so I'm sticking with the plan.