What a long strange trip

Well, I guess it wasn't THAT strange, although it certainly was LONG! But the good news is that I'm finally here, and I have internet in my hotel room!! I want to write a coherent blog entry about my crazy travel day, plus I'm working on a video blog, but for now I have to sleep, because with the exception of about a 3 hour nap on the plane, I have been awake since 7 AM yesterday, St Louis time.

I did however want to post this video which has now been uploaded to youtube (thanks to the wonderful and generous documentary film maker Nayo Titzin) of me singing Come nube che fugge dal vento from Agrippina, from the production in Berlin this past winter. I will record this role later this summer with the same ensemble, and the recording will be released by Harmonia Mundi at a later date. In the meantime, many of you have requested the opportunity to see me perform as well as hear me, so this is what I have to offer. Nero is some handful of crazy - that's for sure.