There are a couple of elections I would like to let you know are happening. First there's a little tiny thing called the presidential election. I know I have a lot of international blog readers, but if any of you American citizens haven't seen my editorial in the Huffington Post, please read, digest, and hopefully vote accordingly. 

But I wouldn't be me if I was ONLY telling you who you should vote for in the presidential election. There is another election going on almost simultaneously, and it's also very important to me that you vote for my candidate in that election. It is the Podcast Awards - and guess who is nominated? That's right, my dear husband for his podcast OperaNow! So please click the link for the Podcast Awards, find the Culture / Arts catergory, select OperaNow!, and scroll down and give them your name, email, and click submit. Michael's podcast is the only one of it's kind, and he has been doing it for the benefit of all you opera fans for years now, totally for free and out of his passion for the subject matter. I would love to see he and his co-hosts rewarded for their effort week after week to give you guys something of quality and with humor and intelligence. And best of all, you can vote once per day, every day, until the voting closes on November 15th. Let's bring this baby home!! 

Oh - and in case you are wondering about me; I am very pregnant. I'm in Nashville at the moment, still working, and rolling my big basketball belly around the stage. Even though it's getting to be more of a challenge (I'm over 8 months pregnant at this point) I'm actually very grateful to still have the opportunity to work, and luckily this particular production doesn't require me to run all over the stage or swing any swords. After the performances in a week, I get to go home and just hang around while I wait for the big operababy's entrance in December. Wish me luck - for all of it! 

Now go exercise your right to vote - for my husband. And also, you know, for that other guy, whose hair may be a lot grayer than four years ago, but who I still believe in.