I've never tried Clerico

I am incredibly lucky because some amazing friends of mine moved into my building (I might have told them about the place and steered them towards the front door) and not only do I like being around them a lot, but they are also fantastic hosts and chefs, and love having people over for dinner. My friend Marco is an Italian baritone and his wife Marina is American but speaks pretty much every language (and is a writer for the New Yorker and a pianist - awesome enough?) and now that they live only three floors below me I get invited to their dinner parties sometimes. Woo-hoo! Tonight's was particularly fun for me because it was all Italians and I got to remember how much Italian I've already forgotten, plus eat Marina's yummy cooking (calamari in cous cous with a tomato sauce with pine nuts and currants). But my new favorite thing that she made tonight was this fantastic drink called Clerico which is a kind of white wine sangria. It's made with white wine, ice, fruit (peaches, watermelon, orange) and sugar all mashed together and served in all it's cool delicious splendor. Can you imagine a more fantastic summer drink?