I've never eaten at August

August is a little bistro restaurant in the Village on Bleecker street that I've always heard about, mostly as the food you eat before going to Magnolia Bakery, which is two blocks away. But seriously, I had heard it was excellent, and since it's restaurant week, I thought it would be a good time to try it out. It was delicious, and even though I ordered the prix fixe, which came with dessert (carmelized banana flan), and even though there is now a Magnolia on the upper west side, my friend Jenna and I couldn't resist the allure of the sugary bakery after dinner. The smell of that place is enough to make you weak in the knees, and we were already in the village..... I'm still recovering from the amount of Beignets I ingested in New Orleans, not to mention that last night at Marco and Marina's somebody brought some homemade cannolis from an Italian bakery in Brooklyn and I almost bit my own tongue off, so drunk I became on sweet italian cream filling. The tongue injury was serious enough that when I was trying to sing today, the double consonants in Italian were making my whole mouth hurt. Yeah, I need to slow it down on the whole eating of desserts (often multiple desserts) at every meal. That, and tomorrow I am totally going running.