Okay.... don't get mad

But I might have sung the Messiah last night, and it might have been broadcast on the radio, and I might not have told you about it because, well, I wasn't 100% confident that I wanted anybody to hear it. It's not that I'm not confident about my singing in general, it's just that the Messiah is REALLY low, and I always think of myself as an impostor when I'm bellowing out notes below the staff. I've only sung the Messiah once before, and even that time was kind of an experiment to prove to myself (and my friend Will, who was encouraging me to sing it and standing next to me singing the tenor solos) that SEE - it's too low - I suck at this. It wasn't so bad that time, as it turned out, which is why when the Music of the Baroque Orchestra called me last week and asked me to jump in, I thought - okay, I can do this. I just wasn't sure I could handle the pressure of knowing people I knew were listening on the radio. But, as it turned out, it went fine. So..... sorry. And anyway, you didn't want to spend your friday night listening to the entire Messiah on the radio, did you? No, I didn't think so.

In other news, the Pergolesi opera that was recorded last summer in Innsbruck is being released on Amazon at the end of this month, and you can pre-order one now!!! My agent received an advanced copy in the mail the day I left for Chicago, and thanks to technology, was able to send me the tracks with my arias on them via email, and so I have already had the chance to listen to them. Now, my normal Jenny way would be to tell you all the things I think are wrong with my singing, and give you the whole "It's a live recording, so please excuse the blah blah blah." But I'm not going to do that. Did the sound engineers always use what I thought were my best takes (choosing between 3 performances)? No, not how I remember it. However, there were many moments when I did not want to rip the headphones out of my ears and pound my eardrums until they bled, which, when listening to a recording of oneself, is a good sign. And I have to say that the orchestra sounds fabulous, and I'm quite sure the other singers do as well, although I haven't had the opportunity to listen to their tracks yet. But having just sung concert versions of this opera with them, I know you will all be amazed by their singing and musicality. I was also very interested to listen to one of my arias in particular where I happened to be constantly in motion and climbing all over the set while singing. Could I tell I was climbing stairs? Yes. Will you be able to tell? I have no idea. 

One thing is for sure however - the first aria in L'Olimpiade is pretty much exactly an octave higher than the first aria in the Messiah. And that's just the life of having a voice type that means middle - you sing in the middle, which pretty much means everything from low F to high C, and everything in between. 

Here's the link to the Amazon page. Mostly, I am excited for you to hear this wonderful opera, which I bet none of you has ever heard since it doesn't currently exist on recording. Enjoy!!!