Vacation (just kidding)

It's funny - I had started writing a blog post earlier this week called "Vacation" about what it was like to know you had a long vacation coming up after a very busy time of work. But then I got a call, and I was asked if I could go fill in for a Messiah in Chicago next week. So, vacation no more. But I have no problem with that. It's funny how there really is no such thing as vacation for the self employed. It's like owning your own store - if you aren't working, you're thinking about working, and are always ready to go to work at a moment's notice. Of course, some people who own stores complain about the weight of always having that responsibility, whereas most singers are usually pretty happy to be asked to sing. I thought I was relieved to be on vacation. After my concert last week, I went out with my boyfriend immediately and celebrated my newly found lack of responsibilities. Do not pass go, do not change out of gown, go directly to bar:

Excuse my fillings - I've gotta get those replaced with white ones one of these days (Various dentists have been bugging me about it for some time - "With your mouth open and singing all those high notes, you can't be flashing silver!!")

But duty calls (thankfully) so I'm off to Chicago next week to sing all those lovely low solos in the Messiah with the Music of the Baroque Orchestra conducted by Jane Glover. And THEN I'll be on vacation. Probably. Unless something comes up. Whatevs. I'm open.